Donations in 2022 will be given to the Zebra Centre!

"The Zebra Centre is made up of dedicated law enforcement, specialized assessors, medical professionals and Zebra Centre staff. We serve children and youth who have been impacted by abuse, supporting them through the justice and healing process with a continuum of multi-disciplinary resources."

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Child Advocacy

Our advocates are here to ensure a child’s needs remain everyone’s top priority. 

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Forensic Interview

A recorded conversation where the child can tell their story in a safe and comfortable environment. 

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Very Important Paws

Fletcher, Captain & Triggs are here to provide comfort within our Centre and at the courthouse.

Please note: Facility dogs are on the premises. No other dogs are permitted in the Zebra Centre, except Service Dogs with proof of identification (an Alberta ID card or, if a Facility Dog, accreditation from an ADI school).

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Hope's Toy Closet

A very special place where children and youth’s bravery is celebrated with a new toy or quilt.

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Backpack Program

Every child in need leaves with the appropriate clothing, pyjamas and personal items.

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Care Calls

We provide regular check-ins to offer file updates, referrals and emotional support to caregivers.

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Crisis Response

We provide 24-hour crisis response and advocacy to children who are in immediate need of intervention.

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Trauma Referrals

We connect children to trusted counseling and trauma professionals in the community.

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Court Accompaniment

Preparation and accompaniment is a key step in addressing myths or fears surrounding the court process.





DONATED FOR 2020/2021 Thank you so much Edmonton, you're amazing! ☕


Based in Edmonton, Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS) provides immediate and low-barrier shelter, temporary housing, and individualized wraparound services to youth ages 15-24.
They focus on working collaboratively with youth-supporting partners on prevention and diversion out of homelessness. And ultimately, YESS aims to walk beside traumatized youth as they heal through relationships.
Visit to learn more about this hard working organization that we supported for 2020/2021.

If you would like to make a donation through #KYCF click below:



Boyle Street Community Services

I had the pleasure of donating $1700 to Boyle Street Community Services on December 16th 2019. Thank you, Edmonton. ☕


 CASA Foundation

I had the pleasure of donating $2350 to CASA on December 20th 2018. Thank you, Edmonton. ☕

This piece of art is created by the names of all of the wonderful people who made a purchase this year or the names of a loved one you wanted to honor. Thank you all for your incredible support in 2018.